Love Has No Regrets

So strange that we call it life
When so much of it is death
You find yourself at another sad end
Always catching your breath

But please Mother never forget
Each time that sun sets it’s always gonna rise
So wipe away those tears from your eyes
And every drop of rain it may fall on our heads
But feeds the soil our sorrow a new life grows as it’s fed

Our Mothers make us through pain
And it’s for their love they will return again and again
Because of this she teaches me best
That it’s after pain which comes true rest

So cry let it out forget all your doubt
You aren’t alone everything is right
Your father returns to true rest tonight

And it’s ok to feel pain
I promise from this day forward I will never forget
It is you who taught me love is the same
And love has no regrets

22 thoughts on “Love Has No Regrets

    • Thank you again for reading and commenting on my work it means a great deal to me. Should you be so inclined check out my YouTube channel “DaveReadin” I have a couple spoken word poems I’ve posted their, with more to come.


  1. Hello Charles, glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog. This poem was beautifully written as my guess the rest will be and also a beautiful ode to what I call her “mamma Rambo” other people just called their mothers mom. But a good tribute and touching.

    Looking forward to later on explore more of your blog, and all the best over there in Japan and promoting writing and of course with your novel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Moving. It touched my heart so deeply that my eyes began to well up with tears. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I appreciate it. I appreciate you.

    I wish you all the best in life.

    Take care. 🙂


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