Benefit Of Doubt

Been listening to long to that voice in my head
Who is it today that it wants dead
Is it me or is it you don’t think its going to decide in time
Guess I’ll write another rhyme
I woke up today and the voice just said I think it’s her that I want dead
Now I’ve been through this it’s such a chore
She can’t go she would’nt before
That voice don’t care won’t leave me alone
Guess its time to throw that next stone

Why is it when I’m alone with my thoughts
I watch my past while it rots
Lookin at the world with hourglass eyes
Time slips in while time slips by
I stand in awe of all that change
Superficial words made with a superficial brain

Maybe though theres that spark of hope
I think my friend has found a boat
He tells me all that doubt it ain’t no thing
He always picks up when the telephone rings
He’s one of the oldest to teach me to see
The benefit of doubt grows like a tree
It grows slow and you won’t always understand why
But mark my words it reaches for the sky

So thank the stars it reaches to I’m not alone
Even when I don’t pick up and he’s there callin on that phone
And it may sit there and just ring ring ring
Sometimes I just don’t want to hear anything
Only that voice so loud in my head that decided today it wants her dead

Always so insistent always on my side
Fuck her it says would’nt care if you died
But I think I’m starting to know that voice so well
King of its little kingdom angry outside its boundaries you dwell
So it hurts and I don’t always wan’t to agree
But that phone doesnt stop ringing that calls for me
And maybe a conversation is just what I need
To plant the benefit of doubt that sacred seed