Time & Space

Why are you so focused on the sky
you know its never gonna change, when you watch with your eyes
time and its friends are all gonna laugh
space matches you, it was never meant to last

but we turn, meant to burn, look at us now
changes you, the real question, is when and how
look at your friends, look at your pain, this time and its history, your shelter to gain
judge, and judge not, learn what you can, sand makes glass, what matters is the shape in the end

I’m not focused, it all feels the same, if sand makes glass, why do i still the feel pain
well your answers in the question, it’s neither that you seek
its somewhere in between, truth searches for the meek
I learned to walk from a cripple a blind man made me see it’s those special kids who seem lost who really hold the key

melt it down or cut it out still looking for perfection is what causes your drought
I’m not the same nor should you ever be the diamonds are in the dirt gotta search for your dream